TREEmendously Fun Outdoors

DSCN4442Annie leading Zumbatomic session

Annie Hermansen-Báez and Wayne Zipperer of the Southern Research Station (SRS-4952 Centers for Urban and Interface Forestry) collaborated with Littlewood Elementary teacher Mrs. Ashley Whitehead and University of Florida graduate student John Lagrosa to lead a tree club for students from Littlewood Elementary’s multiage program in Gainesville, FL, March-April 2013. Each session began with a Zumbatomic®1 or yoga warm up outside, emphasizing the importance of outdoor activity and the need to engage in exercise to stay healthy. Students were then asked to “adopt” a schoolyard tree, each picking a different species of tree to learn about. Over the four-session club, students learned about their particular tree and kept a nature journal to record different characteristics of their tree. Students were given an official “Adopt a Tree” Certificate and made tree identification signs that will be displayed near their adopted trees for other students and teachers to learn about trees located around their school.

1Zumbatomic® classes are designed specifically for kids ages 4-12 and include specially choreographed, kid-friendly Zumba® routines to music that kids love, like hip-hop, reggaeton, cumbia and more.


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