Tampa Adopts Urban Forest Management Plan

Florida Urban Forest CouncilWork on Tampa’s Urban Forest Management Plan began in 2008 when the Steering Committee on Urban Forest Sustainability developed a vision statement and six goals.

Vision: Maintain and expand Tampa’s urban forest in recognition of the many benefits it provides, including: enhancing quality of life for present and future citizens, attaining numerous economic and ecological benefits Nature provides, and seizing opportunities to better understand our natural environment through scientific research and public education.

In 2010 the city council funded the development of “a science-based comprehensive Urban Forest Management Plan”.  The plan was developed based on A Model of Urban Forest Sustainability (Clark, J.R., Matheny, N.P., Cross, G., and Wake, V. 1997 Journal of Arboriculture.) and includes criteria and indicators adopted on work of W.A. Kenney, P.J.E. van Wassenaer, and A.L. Satel in Criteria and indicators for strategic urban forest planning and management. (2011)  The criteria and performance indicators have been organized into four major topic areas: Vegetation Resource; Community Framework; Institutional Framework; and Resource Management.

Review or download this plan at Urban Forestry South.  Photo credit: Florida Urban Forest Council.


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