Legal & Regulatory Issues for Green Stormwater Infrastructure

The Consortium for Climate Risk in the Urban Northeast (CCRUN) started their series on Green Infrastructure, Climate, and Cities with a webinar on legal and regulatory issues for implementing green srromwater infrastructure (GSI).  This and all webinars in the series will be available at their website.

Key points from this presentation include:

  • green stormwater infrastructure can be encouraged/permitted with local stormwater ordinances that: use retention, infiltration and disconnect standards as opposed to detention and treatment to meet water quality
  • most barriers locally are related to building codes, zoning, street design, parking and setback standards
  • incentives can help and include: expedited reviews, zoning bonuses, and cost savings for reductions in engineered practices and reduction of stormwater utility fees

Visit the Consortium for Climate Risk website and listen to the entire presentation that uses the City of Philadelphia and other cities/counties as case study examples.