The Centers for Urban and Interface Forestry (InterfaceSouth in Gainesville, Florida, and Urban Forestry South in Athens, Georgia) are science delivery centers associated with the Southern Research Station (SRS) research work unit SRS- 4952: Integrating Human and Natural Systems in Urban and Urbanizing Environments. The Centers focus on product development, outreach, communication, marketing, professional development, training, and technology related to urban and interface forestry issues. InterfaceSouth focuses on heightening awareness of and providing information about urban interface issues in the South and nationwide, focusing on topics such as children and nature, ecosystem services, shrub and mulch flammability, wood to energy, climate change, small-scale forestry, and other emerging issues in the interface. Urban Forestry South focuses on technology and information that support urban forest management, tree health, tree biology, and the measurement of ecosystem benefits derived from trees in urban settings

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