PLT GreenSchools! April 10 Webinar: Green Jobs and Careers in Natural Resources

Project Learning Tree is proud to be a part of the U.S. Department of Education 2013 Green Strides Webinar Series in conjunction with our national partner, the U.S. Forest Service. The Green Strides Webinar Series provides school communities the tools to reduce their schools’ environmental impact and costs; improve health and wellness; and teach effective environmental education. 

Join PLT’s April 10 webinar on “Green Jobs and Careers in Natural Resources”

Green jobs and clean energy careers have been growing at a phenomenal pace and analysts project the trend will continue.  In our first webinar this year, to be held on April 10 from 4:00-5:00 pm EST, Green Team students who aspire to embrace green jobs as a career pursuit will share how greening their schools is helping prepare them for college and careers in natural resources.

 The webinar will feature:

  • Meryl Harrell, Acting Special Assistant/Senior Advisor to the Under Secretary, USDA. She will provide insight into USDA green jobs and how students can prepare for green careers.
  • Mike Maresca, Science and Sustainable Energy Teacher at Bloomfield Vocational Technical School in Bloomfield, NJ. This Blue Ribbon school prepares students for careers in the green energy field by offering students a Green Energy Academy as one of four “career clusters.” As part of their regular studies, Green Energy Academy students study the environmental, economic, political, and social impacts of current energy usage, think about alternatives to current energy models, and design and implement innovative, energy-saving projects. 
  • Isamar Cortes, High School Senior and Green Energy Academy Student Leader at Bloomfield Tech, and Gesny Val, Freshman and Engineering Student at Rutgers University in Newark, NJ. These dynamic students will share how they are prepared and encouraged to pursue career opportunities arising in the green energy field.
  • Victoria Arthur, USDA Forest Service Conservation Education Specialist will highlight the USDA’s Job Corps program and a series of green education modules. The module Green Jobs introduces students to the concepts of both the “green” economy and how developing “green” skills can benefit them in the workplace, both in increased wages and long-term career advancement.
  • National Project Learning Tree staff. We will discuss the growing and compelling state of green jobs in America in 2013 and beyond.

Students and teachers are invited to participate in this informative webinar. Register on the Project Learning Tree website.