Leaves of Change Issue 17: Perceptions and Attitudes Toward Climate Change in the Southeast

In this issue of Leaves of Change you will learn about a recent SRS-4952 research project published in the book, International Perspectives on Climate Change,  that focused on how people’s views of climate change are influenced by factors such as political and religious affiliation, race and ethnicity, economic status, environmental context, media exposure, and sense of community and place. The project broke from the broad-scale surveys that dominate most descriptions of attitudes towards climate change by using qualitative methods, interviews and focus groups, to explore the beliefs of specific communities in detail.

You will also learn about the Proctor Creek Watershed Urban Waters Project and Camp Kids in the Woods.

To view this issue visit: www.interfacesouth.org/products/leaves/perceptions-and-attitudes-toward-climate-change-in-the-southeast/index_html

Double Jeopardy: Mapping Social Vulnerability and Climate Change in Georgia

In this issue of our Leaves of Change newsletter you will learn about a recent study in Georgia that addressed two key questions: Will the physical effects of climate change be more apparent in some areas? Will certain populations and communities be affected more than others? You will also learn about the Centers’ recent training and outreach activities, recommended resources, and upcoming events related to urban and interface forestry.

To view this issue visit: http://www.interfacesouth.org/products/leaves/double-jeopardy-mapping-social-vulnerability-and-climate-change-in-georgia/index_html