Local Food from Forests!

The USDA Know Your Farmer,  Know Your Food (KYF2) initiative was started in 2009 and now includes well organized participation by all of the USDA agencies including the Forest Service.  KYF2 is focused on the growing interest in local and regional food supply, community gardens, access to healthy food, local/regional food infrastructure, andKid in Garden farm to school programs.

A recent webinar hosted by the USDA KYF2 Outreach Committee, the Forest Service in Region 8, and the National Agroforestry Center included five case studies demonstrating the “forest to table” concept.  These included:

  • Mike McCorquodale discussing the Job Corps Center gardening projects in Frenchburg, KY
  • Jim Chamberlain on his Southern Research Station work on ramps and forest farming techniques
  • Luis Rivera, who introduced local harvesting of yams and other tropical food from El Yunque National Forest in Puerto Rico
  • Donna Yowell introducing the Edible Forests of Mississippi orchard program funded by the USDA Specialty Crops and Urban & Community Forestry programs through state agencies
  • Tamberly Conway and the role Conservation Education plays with the national GreenSchools gardening program

The webinar also provided an introduction to the KYF2 program, resources, and funding opportunities.  Visit the KYF2 Compass website.

You can get a list of the webinar contacts and URL links here… or, the archived webinar here…